That moment in between.

I’ve always learned to embrace change fairly well, with friends coming in and out of my life throughout the last 20 years- but as I live what may be the last few weeks of my time here in the United States- I’m feeling the pain as I soon have to say goodbye to some ofContinue reading “That moment in between.”

A really hot video about Trust

“Trust is your relationship to the unknown but you can’t control it. You can’t control everything. And it’s not all or none. It’s a slow and steady practice of learning about the capacity of the world. And it’s worth it. To keep trying.” As we’ve learnt throughout the years, trust takes years to build butContinue reading “A really hot video about Trust”

Post grad uncertainties

Everyone goes through this and if you didn’t, well, lucky you. Now that my summer is over and I’m settling back into Boston, all these thoughts are rushing in and constantly surrounding me like a halo above my head. It’s stressful but what are you going to do about it? Time keeps rolling. I justContinue reading “Post grad uncertainties”