The Lost Boys on the train to Rock Hill, SC

Since I’ve moved to Southern California, I’ve re-started my quidditch career and joined the Lost Boys Quidditch Club. Having played for Emerson College for four years, once I graduated in 2013 – I was ready to take a break. I was also really tired of playing in the cold, if there is something you shouldContinue reading “The Lost Boys on the train to Rock Hill, SC”

Boyhood: a reflection on the last 12 years

Boyhood, directed and written by Richard Linklater, is a phenomenal coming of age movie that will make you ponder and reminisce on your own childhood. Filmed over the last 12 years, as an audience, you are brought into the movie and you witness not only the actors and actresses grow but also the technology. IContinue reading “Boyhood: a reflection on the last 12 years”

A trampoline paradise: Skyzone

I’ve heard about Skyzone for years now, ever since I’ve been in Boston over 4 years ago but I never got a chance to go. Unfortunately, it’s not the most convenient location to get to without a car so planning a trip is difficult. I know friends who have tried to go multiple times, andContinue reading “A trampoline paradise: Skyzone”

And just like that, it comes to an end

My captain Ben and I leading my team in the butterfly stretch during the 6th annual Quidditch World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida. What a brilliant weekend of heat, humidity, and meeting people from all over the world who bond through this silly game. Also check out our baller jerseys from Quiyk!

Quidditch Flashback: our last game of the season

In the last three years since I’ve been in college, I joined one of the coolest sports- Quidditch. Yes, it’s the sport from harry potter… except played on the ground. Muggle version.

I can’t quite explain the full game without taking up pages of space but simply watch the video and be intrigued.

Emerson College Quidditch organized a Quidditch Championship series at the end of April in Boston and had teams from all over the US come to compete. It was a brilliantly planned tournament, good quidditch playing all around and solid bonding with other players throughout the weekend.

The video is my team, Emerson College Quidditch, playing against Villanova University for 1st place. I miss my team and I’m looking forward to dominating with them again in the fall.

Can you find me on the pitch?