Post grad uncertainties

Everyone goes through this and if you didn’t, well, lucky you. Now that my summer is over and I’m settling back into Boston, all these thoughts are rushing in and constantly surrounding me like a halo above my head. It’s stressful but what are you going to do about it? Time keeps rolling. I justContinue reading “Post grad uncertainties”

Only appropriate to Meet in Massachusetts

As each day passes and I’m getting closer and closer to graduation, decisions have to be made in regards to post-grad plans. Almost every person I talk to asks the question, “so what are you doing next year?” To be fair, I’m asking others the same question. It’s just one of those things you endContinue reading “Only appropriate to Meet in Massachusetts”


For the last few months, I have been interning at two companies- both I enjoyed very much and learned more than I can ask for. Unfortunately, I dropped out of one of them today… from the gym internship.  My original plan was to stay with them and join the trainer in training program as soonContinue reading “Re-prioritizing”