Holiday season part 2

I spent the end of 2013 in a way I never would’ve imagined. After spending the few days before Christmas with my relatives and loved ones in Toronto, I headed to New York and North Port, Long Island to be with my boyfriend and his family. Despite the cold as we walked around the city,Continue reading “Holiday season part 2”

This is really hard to leave

The longer I spend in LA, west coast, in the land of palm trees, beautiful sunsets and the heat, most importantly, the heat- the closer I am to dropping everything and making the move. Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at these photos below and tell me whether you want to be there orContinue reading “This is really hard to leave”

Seeing life through a black & white lens

Treasure the little moments and simple experiences in life. As we grow older, everything becomes more complicated trying to ‘figure out’ life. We may never get there, but all we can do is take it a day at a time and pay attention to the simple things in life to get us through.

Home away from home

Having a Hong Kong flag hung in my house makes all the difference when I feel homesick. Just recently discovered my housemate took this photo when we first moved in a year and a half ago. Brilliant. Chinese New Year is one of the times of the year I feel the most homesick. For theContinue reading “Home away from home”