My favorite summer activity in HK: Junk boat trips

It doesn’t matter how bad of a week I’m having, there’s always one thing that can cheer my up and make my summer back in Hong Kong totally worth it (on top of my family that is). That’s going out at sea on a junk boat trip, away from the city, to deserted islands whereContinue reading “My favorite summer activity in HK: Junk boat trips”

My first run at night

Basically, now that I intern Monday to Friday from 9-6, the only time I get to run is early in the morning before breakfast or late at night after dinner. I always end up too tired or too full after dinner to run but yesterday I decided I had to- no matter how tired IContinue reading “My first run at night”

The most wonderful skyline

Welcome to Hong Kong, one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Full of delicious cuisines, a mix of jam-packed crowds and buildings and beautiful mountains and hiking trails. It is a world of contrast. This week, I started my internship and realized I was way too tired after work to go running orContinue reading “The most wonderful skyline”