“This is the youngest we’ll ever be”

Sometimes you just need a place to think. What better place is there than in the middle of the river on a kayak? Not to mention on a beautiful sunny summer day in Boston. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve already began to feel the cool air coming through as soon as the sunset hits.Continue reading ““This is the youngest we’ll ever be””

Where would I be without family?

This summer I was fortunate enough to spend over a month in Toronto, Canada with my extended family from both my mother and father’s side. It was the longest period of time I’ve ever spent with everyone. Most meals, whether it be casual, spontaneous or planned had over 15 people. I have an amazing family,Continue reading “Where would I be without family?”

Family is like …

Family is like legos… one piece of lego is nothing, it’s not valuable. You need all the pieces of legos together to become something big For one of my assignments in my family communication class, we had to interview two people we consider to be in our family. Thus, I decided to interview my brotherContinue reading “Family is like …”

How has travel grown your understanding of a place or person?

How has travel grown your understanding of a place or person? Question proposed by Kate Trip-Logic.com  As we travel, we repeatedly put ourselves in the shoes of cultures and norms outside of our comfort zone. Thus, we begin to understand values and lifestyles different than our own. This understanding and breaking out of our ownContinue reading “How has travel grown your understanding of a place or person?”

A sensitivity to my own language

{Disclaimer: This post contains vulgar language. It does not in any way shape or form express my personality but it is the only way I can truly portray this particular incident and the thoughts I have surrounding this topic.} Perhaps I’ve adapted to the western culture too much, but I’ve really gone sensitive to theContinue reading “A sensitivity to my own language”