The sun will always shine through the cracks

About to head to the airport, but wanted to write a quick update! A month of living in San Francisco came and went within the blink of an eye. I definitely am sad I did not get to explore the city, or the surrounding nature as much as I would’ve liked to- but at theContinue reading “The sun will always shine through the cracks”

Moments of pure joy

When was the last time you felt a moment of pure joy? A moment where your mind stopped wandering with distractions, and you simply smiled knowing everything was perfect at that moment. Sometimes those moments are hard to come by, but that’s what makes them so special. Perhaps it helps that I have been disconnectedContinue reading “Moments of pure joy”

Gather under the moonlight

This photo intrigues me every time I look at it. It was taken at around 4:30 AM during beer fest. I had taken a friend visiting HK out that night to have a few drinks. After successfully showing my friend a good time, and might or might not have intoxicated him a little too much,Continue reading “Gather under the moonlight”