“Real life”

Senior year is a strange year. In high school, we stressed about college admission, about figuring out what we should major it, about how we are going to leave home and be ‘independent’. What we don’t realize is that that time of our lives is nothing compared to our senior year of college. This pastContinue reading ““Real life””

Perspective of an International student

Disclaimer: Below is simply my personal opinion. I apologize if I offend anyone. I’ve had a lot of life talks this summer. Where are you going to be after graduation? What are you going to do? All the questions that make us college students cringe. Most of my classmates from high school have graduated thisContinue reading “Perspective of an International student”

I had a wild dream

A few days ago, I had a wild dream: not when I was sleeping but during the day when I was sitting at my internship wondering what I want to do with my life knowing I could not stand to sit in an office cubicle wearing professional clothing, staring at a computer screen all dayContinue reading “I had a wild dream”