Most of my friends are off to LA

Now that senior week and graduation is over, I have finally recovered enough to write a little something and begin my summer weekly blogging. Senior week was a blast, and I finally built a connection with Sweetwater I never really had throughout the years. My parents were in town and thus, I didn’t get theContinue reading “Most of my friends are off to LA”

Starting Now

As I was reading article after article on Thought Catalog, I remembered my goal to start blogging on a more regular basis as soon as school was finished so here I am, re-starting my blogging life.  I’m not entirely sure what I am going to be writing about yet, it’s going to take research, takeContinue reading “Starting Now”

Perspective of an International student

Disclaimer: Below is simply my personal opinion. I apologize if I offend anyone. I’ve had a lot of life talks this summer. Where are you going to be after graduation? What are you going to do? All the questions that make us college students cringe. Most of my classmates from high school have graduated thisContinue reading “Perspective of an International student”