“This is life. Life is simple.”

For the second year in a row, my extended family and I got the chance to drive about 2 hours north of Toronto to Norland, Ontario for a brief getaway. Cottage life is funny, because nowadays, it doesn’t matter how far you go into the middle of no where, wifi is still a necessity forContinue reading ““This is life. Life is simple.””

Love, the strongest inspiration of all

Love is an interesting phenomenon. Some of us go through life never really understand what it means to love, what does love fully look like? How do we act towards friends that we love? Relationships? Family love? Sometimes I question myself on whether I really truly from my heart love this or that person, butContinue reading “Love, the strongest inspiration of all”

“Junk trips” in Hong Kong

I spent a few hours this morning sorting through my hard drives and organizing them. A few hours you say? That’s a long time! And it is, but that’s only because about 80% of that time was spent reminiscing through photos. This is one that I can look at all day, and it will makeContinue reading ““Junk trips” in Hong Kong”

A sensitivity to my own language

{Disclaimer: This post contains vulgar language. It does not in any way shape or form express my personality but it is the only way I can truly portray this particular incident and the thoughts I have surrounding this topic.} Perhaps I’ve adapted to the western culture too much, but I’ve really gone sensitive to theContinue reading “A sensitivity to my own language”

How Nemo changed my life

Remember that time of your life when all you wanted to listen to was “Welcome to My Life” and “Perfect” by Simple Plan because you felt very connected to the lyrics? Remember when you hid in your room or closed your eyes in the shower and yelled at the top of your lungs the followingContinue reading “How Nemo changed my life”