Who can say no to this skyline?

I wasn’t very keen on running this morning at all, but I looked out the window when I woke up and decided I had to because it was the first relatively nice day out in weeks. Unfortunately, it seems a typhoon is coming our way again this weekend. What is with the weather these days?Continue reading “Who can say no to this skyline?”

Quidditch Flashback: our last game of the season


In the last three years since I’ve been in college, I joined one of the coolest sports- Quidditch. Yes, it’s the sport from harry potter… except played on the ground. Muggle version.

I can’t quite explain the full game without taking up pages of space but simply watch the video and be intrigued.

Emerson College Quidditch organized a Quidditch Championship series at the end of April in Boston and had teams from all over the US come to compete. It was a brilliantly planned tournament, good quidditch playing all around and solid bonding with other players throughout the weekend.

The video is my team, Emerson College Quidditch, playing against Villanova University for 1st place. I miss my team and I’m looking forward to dominating with them again in the fall.

Can you find me on the pitch?