Focus on daily wins, not goals.

As James Clear would put it: Commit to a process, not a goal. We are already getting close to March 2018. Who would’ve thought the first two months of 2018 passed by so damn quickly? Oh wait, this happens every year. I’ve been unemployed for almost 3 months now, and I will soon be workingContinue reading “Focus on daily wins, not goals.”

Getting back into a routine isn’t easy

There’s been a lot of exciting events happening recently for both school, work and personal life. They are quite time-consuming, but energy draining but I think the hardest part about all the busy-ness is trying to keep a routine in terms of health and wellness. For those who know me, or if you’ve been aContinue reading “Getting back into a routine isn’t easy”

My favorite summer activity in HK: Junk boat trips

It doesn’t matter how bad of a week I’m having, there’s always one thing that can cheer my up and make my summer back in Hong Kong totally worth it (on top of my family that is). That’s going out at sea on a junk boat trip, away from the city, to deserted islands whereContinue reading “My favorite summer activity in HK: Junk boat trips”

Street banners- a daily encouragement

Advertisements and Christian messages are posted everywhere, to the point where I stopped noticing them but this one has always stood out to me all these years. Whether it be night or day, that banner is very noticeable probably due to it’s bright color. It’s a wonderful encouragement especially as I’m going to work everyContinue reading “Street banners- a daily encouragement”