The perfect one-day itinerary for Portland, Maine & Boston (separately)

Upon returning to sunny Los Angeles to prepare for my third quarter of grad school, I can’t help but relive the incredible moments of the past week in Boston- along with a side day trip to Portland, Maine. A lot has happened, a lot of eating, a lot of drinking, a lot of hugging, andContinue reading “The perfect one-day itinerary for Portland, Maine & Boston (separately)”

I’ve always liked Philadelphia

Last time I was in Philly was last May after my brother’s MBA graduation. I visited a few times the last two years when my brother was there- and time and time again- it never cease to surprise me. I love being able to walk around so easily (the grid style of the city makesContinue reading “I’ve always liked Philadelphia”

Rainy day escapade

The one thing about travel is you can never predict the weather. Sometimes we plan a trip to the beach in hopes of tanning and drinking margaritas all day, then all of a sudden all we can do is sit inside watching the rain day dreaming about the sun. Rain just ruins everything eh? TodayContinue reading “Rainy day escapade”