Getting back into a routine isn’t easy

There’s been a lot of exciting events happening recently for both school, work and personal life. They are quite time-consuming, but energy draining but I think the hardest part about all the busy-ness is trying to keep a routine in terms of health and wellness. For those who know me, or if you’ve been aContinue reading “Getting back into a routine isn’t easy”

Eat your greens! – Street Markets

This is one thing that I miss a lot about Asia, the easy access to a variety of vegetables. Sure there are farmer markets here and there, but it’s not daily, and it’s also not as accessible. “Wet markets” as we call them in Hong Kong, are so amazing, full of fresh fish, vegetables, meat,Continue reading “Eat your greens! – Street Markets”

Healthy eating: meat, veggies & dessert

This is going to become to common meal in my diet. I got the chicken at Shaws, they come individually wrapped in a pack of 5. All you have to do us put a bit of oil on a pan, and put the chicken on for about 10 mins- flipping occasionally. The veggies is aContinue reading “Healthy eating: meat, veggies & dessert”