We are Social Creatures

Why is it so much harder to wake up when you’re waking up alone? Why do I feel more awake having slept 3 hours at a sleep over as compared to sleeping 8 hours in my own bed waking up to a quiet house? Without concrete scientific evidence to back up the following post, I’mContinue reading “We are Social Creatures”

Passion requires the balance of reality

Today was one of those days that started off a bit rocky. Perhaps it was reading all about Global Citizens last night, and the amazing work they are doing around the world- wishing I was doing more philanthropy with my life, perhaps its the realizing that I only have two quarters left of my program,Continue reading “Passion requires the balance of reality”

Fear & Love; the two extremes

        Just a quick warning, what I’m about to write about is not applicable to every individual in the world. It’s merely a few thought-provoking words for you to ponder about. Perhaps it’ll act as a conversation starter, and perhaps comfort you because it’s what you’ve been thinking about. Fear and Love areContinue reading “Fear & Love; the two extremes”

How has travel grown your understanding of a place or person?

How has travel grown your understanding of a place or person? Question proposed by Kate Trip-Logic.com  As we travel, we repeatedly put ourselves in the shoes of cultures and norms outside of our comfort zone. Thus, we begin to understand values and lifestyles different than our own. This understanding and breaking out of our ownContinue reading “How has travel grown your understanding of a place or person?”

A sensitivity to my own language

{Disclaimer: This post contains vulgar language. It does not in any way shape or form express my personality but it is the only way I can truly portray this particular incident and the thoughts I have surrounding this topic.} Perhaps I’ve adapted to the western culture too much, but I’ve really gone sensitive to theContinue reading “A sensitivity to my own language”