San Francisco: a city of surprises

What a city of surprises. I remember coming here a few years ago for a city and really enjoyed it but I guess I didn’t really see the city like I did this time. I decided to come to San Francisco because all my friends in LA are busy during the week and I didContinue reading “San Francisco: a city of surprises”

Street banners- a daily encouragement

Advertisements and Christian messages are posted everywhere, to the point where I stopped noticing them but this one has always stood out to me all these years. Whether it be night or day, that banner is very noticeable probably due to it’s bright color. It’s a wonderful encouragement especially as I’m going to work everyContinue reading “Street banners- a daily encouragement”

The most wonderful skyline

Welcome to Hong Kong, one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Full of delicious cuisines, a mix of jam-packed crowds and buildings and beautiful mountains and hiking trails. It is a world of contrast. This week, I started my internship and realized I was way too tired after work to go running orContinue reading “The most wonderful skyline”