In 2016, I plan to…

Have you ever felt like you were ready to move on? Ready to explore the next big thing? Tired of the environment you’re surrounded by and the need to pretend as you go about your life? Or perhaps you push yourself to have such a busy schedule that you don’t have time to think aboutContinue reading “In 2016, I plan to…”

I debated, I chose, and I believe

In the past few weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations about the difference between graduate school and undergraduate school. One conversation I had in particular was a strong discussion with a classmate of mine in which she insisted that graduate school was no different than undergrad, that the work load was about the same, and emotionally,Continue reading “I debated, I chose, and I believe”

Our ability to change

New Years Resolutions, every 12 months we give ourselves goals to achieve but how often do we forget about them after the first two weeks? These resolutions for many of us include exercising regularly, going on a smoking, internet or phone hiatus to “find” ourselves. It’d be very interesting to read studies in regards toContinue reading “Our ability to change”

I had a wild dream

A few days ago, I had a wild dream: not when I was sleeping but during the day when I was sitting at my internship wondering what I want to do with my life knowing I could not stand to sit in an office cubicle wearing professional clothing, staring at a computer screen all dayContinue reading “I had a wild dream”