Two week update: Berlin & Venice

This update will be a little longer than the previous ones because I missed last week. Two weeks ago, I went to Berlin, Germany with three of my friends from school. We had originally planned to be there for four days, but due to stupidly missing the bus because we took the wrong train- weContinue reading “Two week update: Berlin & Venice”

A stranger’s car in Amsterdam

The land of the free as many know it. Many tourist go to Amsterdam for the drugs, alcohol and prostitution and it is definitely prominent everywhere in the city center. By no means is it all about those three things. It is a very historical city and I was blessed with the opportunity to attendContinue reading “A stranger’s car in Amsterdam”

there’s something about biking in the rain

It’s been exactly 5 days here at Kasteel Well although it feels a lot longer. Perhaps in a small town like Well, it doesn’t take long to feel comfortable. Orientation weekend was full of meetings, but we all settled in pretty quickly. If I took one thing out of all those meetings, it’d be theContinue reading “there’s something about biking in the rain”