What are you fighting for?

Every day we wake up with many choices. Do I drink a glass or water or jump right into the coffee? Am I going to start the day with the smile or with an exhausted frown because we have to go to work once again? Am I going to be a better person today than I was yesterday? I’m sure you can come up with a million other questions you ask yourself as soon as you wake up.

The question that surrounds my mind on many of the decisions and choices I make is, what are you fighting for?

Whether it be work related, friendship related, society related, or simply a challenge you are having in your own mind – it can feel like a boss battle. It’s easy to lose track of the real mission of the fight when we’re caught up with the small demons jumping around distracting us from time to time.

When we take the magnifying glass away and replace it with a wide angle lense, we remind ourselves of the deep truth that we are fighting for. We fight for love, we fight for health, we even fight for our own ego (in fear of it being destroyed). When we can pinpoint the reason, we begin to have a higher awareness of whether the fight is worth it or not.

There are multiple fights in my life that I’m battling every day. Some days are better than others but what I do know is that, the more I fight – the better I get.

Published by Joanne Lam

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