The importance of self care

To start off, I started 5 minute journaling for about a week now and it’s been great. In the midst of my busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to journal for long. I downloaded the 5 minute journal app on my phone so if I forget in the morning at home, I make sure I sit in my car before entering work to jot some thoughts down. The reason I’m telling you this is because under “How I will make today great”, I wrote write a blog post… so here I am, at midnight ready for bed – but need to finish the day right by accomplishing what I set out to achieve.

Work sometimes can easily take over our lives. Currently, I wake up at 7 am almost every day and most days don’t get home until at the earliest at 9pm, some days at around 11pm (just in time to sleep and drive right back in the morning!). My job is incredibly rewarding, and time flies during the day when I’m having fun with my clients.

With that said, burn out is real and it creeps up day after day. A few days ago, I felt my patience lower than usual, and felt simple exhausted throughout the day. My coaching was affected and mind was foggy – that was when I knew I needed to take a few hours off for self care.


I simply took a morning and afternoon off. I was away from work for about 18 hours and boy did I feel refreshed when I went back into work that evening. I made myself a full breakfast, went bouldering, went for some R&R in a float tank, and listened to podcast.

I’m back on the grind now, and will be until I head back to Austin for a short vacation mid November. I may be working from 9am to 10pm many days, but now I know, even half a day of R&R makes a world of a difference.

What are your strategies for self-care? 

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