Are you open to listening?

Have you ever simply meditated and thought about who you were a year ago? two years ago? three years ago? Sure, it may seem like you have the same hobbies, the same friends, or the same job- but what about your values? Your thoughts? Your attitude? Your desire to grow and learn?

It absolutely blows my mind how much I have grown in many ways. I’m not even sure how to elaborate and express my thoughts at this current moment but I wanted to write… so here I am, writing a post, attempting to dissect my growth.


Less than a year ago, I attended my first and most incredible #Daybreaker event in which I received the above card. It sits on my fridge as a daily reminder to listen. For a more detailed write up of the event, check out my post a year ago – 24 hours of inspiration.

Since then, I’ve learned to listen to my soul, listen to my thoughts, my heartbeat, and my body. Too often, we are taught to “do this or that” regardless of what happens. We work overtime and late at work because that’s what society praises, we stay up late and pride ourselves on functioning with little sleep because we can do more and show the external world how much we are getting done. Especially growing up in Hong Kong, where the city never sleeps, I had nights after nights where I’d slept merely 3 hours before work, exercise and partying all over again.

Now, on a daily basis, I have learned to evaluate my emotions and my nervous system by listening to my breathing, focusing on my heartbeat (especially in float tanks), and listening to my muscles (to prevent overtraining).

When we are open to listening to our bodies and our mind, we become aware of the messages our bodies are sending us – we can then learn to optimize what we are fully capable of. 

I’ continue to grow and learn on a daily basis. I’ve come a long way since July 2017 and I’m incredibly excited for the growth to come for years to come.

Book Recommendation:
Own the Day, Own your Life by Aubrey Marcus

If you are inspired and would like to take a step into optimizing your life on a day to day basis, you have to get Aubrey Marcus’s recent book Own the Day Own your Life. Breaking down from the moment we wake up, to the moment we sleep, Aubrey provides invaluable strategies with fascinating scientific research for optimizing our capabilities.

I’ll leave you all with a short snapshot of inspiration from the book:

“SEE YOUR FUTURE I want you to imagine yourself a year from now. You know that in a year you are going to be different, whether you do nothing or something. And the choices you make between now and then will determine that difference. But for today, I want you to imagine owning all those other days. Visualize that you wake up with purpose and clarity. You push yourself against resistance. You take control of your diet and supplementation. You turn dead time into alive time. You work effectively and aren’t afraid to power down the engines to rest. You train your body into a durable, capable machine. You connect with yourself, your friends, and the universe. You turn sex into an adventure of pleasure. You go to sleep with a mission, and actually … sleep. Imagine what a year of living like that has done for you. Walk in the shoes of that new person. See yourself through that person’s eyes. Look in the mirror at that body. Maybe the circles under your eyes are gone, and that stubborn weight has lifted—mentally and physically. See what has happened in your career, and in your family. That person is you, on the other side of Resistance. If you see it clearly enough, it will be done.”


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