Anchor Your Intention

Lately, I have been diving into an abundance of podcasts while driving. The last time I listened to this many podcasts was when I lived in Los Angeles and it took me 30+ minutes every time I got in the car to get most places. I thought I had escaped that life being in Austin… although I still drove most places, it did not take nearly as much time and the scenery was always so beautiful that I could drive in silence and be content.

Needless to say, I’m back to the driving world in Ontario, Canada. It takes me about 20 – 30 minutes to and from work, add a few errands here and there and it’ll be a 45-minute trip. It’s certainly ideal for going through at least 2 podcasts episodes a day.

There’s always a way to make the most mundane tasks of the day useful.

I’ve also added to my diverse podcast list. I use to focus on This American Life, Invisiblia, TED talks, etc. Recently, I’ve dived fully into Tim Ferris, Aubrey Marcus, Ben Greenfield, and Joe Rogan. One thing that drove my interest to them is their desire and constant curiosity about the body-mind connection. They are all (including their interviewees I choose to have on the show) 100% committed to improving themselves through a variety of ways including but not limited to technology, biohacking, science, fitness.

It’s allowed me to think about my own intentions differently in the midst of a transition period. Sure, there are goals and certifications I’m working towards at the moment but it does not take away the fact that I continue to feel lost and lonely in different ways.

However, the stresses of life- especially those we can’t control- will continue to fight us day in and day out. The key is learning to accept them, and realizing why they are a part of our lives at that certain moment. In addition, turning those stresses into growth, knowledge, and self-development. Previously, I’ve written about starting the day with asking ourselves “What is your WIN for the day?” The second question to ask ourselves is:

What is your intent for the actions you’re about to embark on? 

This is an important question to get our mind in the right before any activity or event. Whether you are heading to work, reading a book, or getting ready to sleep- we should remind ourselves what our intent is. Only then will we be fully aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. There are many moments where our answer might be “because of we have to”, and these are the exact moments we need to ask ourselves the question above.

It gives us an opportunity to shift our mindset, and anchor our flashlight of perception an intent of growth, or making ourselves better each and every day.

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