Reflections at every ending

A year and a half ago when I moved to Austin, Texas, I did not have a job. I didn’t know what I was going to do, nor what would happen in a year when my visa expired. To my surprise after multiple interviews over the course of a few months, I secured a job in the property management sector. Did I have career aspiration to be in property management? No. Could I have ever guessed I’d be in this field? No.

However, life is funny like that. It swings you around in different directions if you are flexible and open to deviations. Some may say that means I don’t have a “career goal”, but I beg to differ because my flexibility brought me to working with a fantastic company with incredible, inspiring teammates for the last 15 months.

I have grown immensely as an individual as well as professionally. Each and every teammate I’ve had the opportunity to work with has contributed to my learning and development. Regardless of the unavoidable ups and downs of “going to work”, each teammate comes to work with a sense of joy, and a desire to contribute positivity to the world in everything we do. Some days, that’s all we need.

Avesta Collage

As I sit in a coffee shop in St. Petersburg, Florida on the first day of unemployment, I reflect on the values, virtues and practices that has been engrained in our company culture, and how each of them will carry with me for years to come. One of particular encouraged me to write this post today: Start each day asking yourself – “What is your WIN for the day?”

Today, my win for the day is to write and reflect. We’ve all heard the saying, every beginning has an end. When it’s a happy ending, we get nostalgic about the good times and what we wish we still had. When it’s a sad ending, we hope to move on as quickly as possible to get back to our search for happiness.

The ending of this chapter of my life is both happy, sad, and a variety of emotions in between. However, emotions do not matter as much as the reflections alongside them. Let the reflections flow in and out of our consciousness, observe them, write them down, move on, and come back to them in a few hours, days or years.

Let the #Funemployment begin.

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One thought on “Reflections at every ending

  1. Jo

    Good writing! Every beginning has an ending but every ending indicates start of another beginning! Wish you moving on your favorable career! Stay tuned and relax for the time being!

    See you in HK soon!

    Love you always Mom

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