A Comfortable Home

Home. 家.

We can define home so many different ways, it can be a physical location, a city, a country, or merely a group of people that we’re with that makes us feel at home. In this particular post, I’ll be talking about a physical location and environment.

For the last 6+ years, I’ve been moving around quite a bit. Living in a college dorm didn’t feel like home, but sharing an apartment with good friend as well as my brother certainly felt like home. Once I moved to LA, the feeling of “home” was lost once again. I was sharing a house with acquaintances and it simply didn’t feel as comfortable as it could’ve.

About two weeks ago, I moved to Austin, TX and to my surprise, I immediately felt comfortable. Perhaps it’s because I’m living in an apartment setting once again, being in close proximity with other residents, and feeling their presence even if I don’t know them. Perhaps it’s because I can drive to the other side of town North/South Austin in about 25 mins (although traffic can be pretty bad at times but it’s no Los Angeles Traffic). Perhaps it’s the heat and humidity. Perhaps it’s all the amazing events I can go to. Perhaps my mind is simply at peace with being in a city. I’m sure it’s a combination of all of the above.

Whatever the reason may be, I’m thankful. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to live in Austin, to see what “Keep Austin Weird” is all about. More importantly, I’m thankful because I believe that the feeling of comfort is providing me with more positive energy – which is something that is crucial in the process of job hunting.

With all that said, I’m really just writing to say that Austin has been treating me well! Here’s hoping that Austin continues to feel like home for however long I will be here.

What makes you feel like home? What are the characteristics of YOUR home? 

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