4 States, 5 cities & more

I really need to work on my travel blogging when I’m on the road! I’ve been slacking and that’s my fault but here I am- to give a little update on what’s been going on. Since my tips on decluttering and packing, I’ve attended my graduation (I’m a Master! Woot woot!), traveled through a few states and moved into my place in Austin, and spent time in the Pacific North West.

My very American (suiting right before July 4th) road trip was quite exciting. I managed to see a few sights along the way, but I didn’t over pack my schedule too much. Instead of writing too much and describing each spot, I’ll simply show you a few photos from my trip.

My route was Pomona –> Phoenix –> El Paso –> Sonora –> Austin –> Seattle!

I drove 6 hours or less a day, and had plenty of time to eat, relax and grab coffee along the way. Upon arriving in Austin, my dad and I made our way to Seattle to meet the rest of our family. Seattle is a fun city- plenty of things to do, places to see, and food to eat.

One of the highlights was definitely Bellingham’s Taylor Shellfish Farm about 2 hours North of Seattle. The oysters, and clams were beyond fresh. The view from our table was breath-taking. They even offer grills for you to grill the oysters and clams if you didn’t want to eat them raw! Though, I do suggest going prepared. It’s a picnic spot, you may buy gloves, plates and all that at Taylor’s Shellfish- but better to bring everything yourself (including drinks) so you can relax for a few hours without having to worry!


I even managed to go bouldering twice while in Seattle! I went to Stone Gardens in Ballard as well as Seattle Bouldering Project.  Stone Gardens has rope climbing, and is much smaller than SBP but has fun upstairs bouldering area. SBP is a beast of its own. If I were to live in Seattle, I’d definitely continue going there. There’s a work space, plenty of bouldering space, and even a kids section- not to mention the large work out area! I sure hope Austin Bouldering Project is similar to SBP.

In the past two months, I’ve really taken up and enjoyed Bouldering. I want to improve, I want to get back into shape and be able to complete the routes that I may not be able to do at the moment. I want to learn the strategies and continuing challenging myself each time I go. One of my biggest challenges at the moment is being too short, I can’t seem to reach some of the holds that are too high for me to reach! Any suggestions from experienced boulder-ers?


Pacific North West

I’m in the last stretch of my travels before really settling into Austin. Currently in Oregon, just outside of Portland spending a few days with friends. I’ve heard so much about how beautiful it is here! I’ll make sure to take plenty of photos, drink lots of beer, and get some hiking in!

That’s it for now! I’ll be back soon enough!


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