Here’s to all the teachers out there

I’m taking a short break from my thesis while it’s being reviewed by my faculty and committee members. It almost feels strange to sit down at my desk, and not pull up my 55 page word document. Give me a few days and I’ll be right back at it, editing comments and preparing my defense presentation. But for now, I get to write for all you dedicated readers out there!

I was recently asked who were the five people that made the biggest impact in my life in a job interview. Difficult question to answer right off the bat without thinking about everyone that I have been in contact with my whole life. It’s not a question that we reflect on a regular basis. Perhaps that’s the problem. Why don’t we think about who has made the most impact in our lives?

As I reflected on the question, a few people that came to mind were teachers of mine I’ve had in the past- including my elementary school teachers. I would go so far to say that many of my virtues were learned from some of these teachers. From the way they taught to the activities in class, certain moments really stand out. Most importantly, the way these teachers cared for me taught me how to care for others.

With that said, here’s to all the teachers out there. Thank you for your hard work, thank you for all the confidence you put in us, thank you for believing in us especially when we don’t even believe in ourselves.

“Teacher see things. They see when you’re running down the hall. They see when you’re passing notes. But they also see the person we can all become someday.”

This week, I encourage you to reach out to your teachers, past or current, and tell them what they’ve meant to you. I sure hope that I may one day also be a teacher to others in some capacity. In the same regard, I also encourage you to reflect on the five people that have had the biggest impact in your life.

You never know when you may have to tell someone about it in a job interview!

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