Post Vacation Funk

I had the incredible opportunity last week to travel to Belize (and a little bit of Guatemala) with my boyfriend for a week. On the itinerary was a mixture of adventure exploration and also “do nothing” activities. I’ll have to spend more time on another post telling you more about my trip, what we did, where we stayed, and show you more photos. Despite having so many activities we wanted to do yet didn’t get to, we definitely made the most of our week and did not tire ourselves as much as we expected ourselves to.


We came back state side about two days ago. In addition to the jetlag, the post vacation funk has definitely come at full force. Coming from a week being surrounded by fellow travelers, staying in hostels and lodges where there is always something to do or someone to talk to- to my own room in Pomona where I wake up to a quiet house, where the only noise I hear all day could be the sound of my alarm- is quite alarming.

I’ve written about this before but it’s a thought that comes back to my mind on a regular basis. Being a social creature. I desire the sound of my parents walking around bright and early in the morning sometimes, the sound of our bread maker going off, or the juicer squeezing delicious fresh juice for breakfast. At times, I desire the sound of my college roommates getting ready for class or work. At times, I desire the hustle and bustle noises coming from the streets, cars honking, birds chirping, and even construction noises.

Not to say I don’t enjoy the peace and quiet when I get to sleep in after a long night, but my desire for everything above normally wins over simply wanting to get more sleep.

I know I’ll get over the funk, and get back to my daily grind- especially for the next two months with three big projects to focus on and to get done. But as for now, it’s times like this that gets the best of me as I dwell on negative emotions, and yet remind me of the type of environment in the future I hope to have.


With all that being said, Belize was a beautiful country in all sense of the world, very fascinating blend of languages and culture. I’ll feature more details of our trip in the next post.

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