Jane Goodall’s inspiration in 5 mins

Many of us spend our days strolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and various other social media sites- and we often find humorous gifs, intellectual articles and inspiring content.

Tonight, as I was about to head to bed, I decided to watch one last clip I saw floating around- a clip of Jane Goodall’s interview from the movie Human. I haven’t seen the movie, but it’s on the list!

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet Jane and hear her speak to our school back in Hong Kong. Throughout all these years, she hasn’t given up, she’s still stronger than ever, and still as inspirational as ever.

Without going on and on about Jane, I simply wanted to share two of the many things that I felt were incredibly powerful from her interview.

“Education is learning from experience. We continue to be educated throughout life. Every day brings its own kind of education and we can learn from it. If we keep our eyes open, our ears open, and think of every day as an adventure- then each day will give us a lesson.”

I pray you start your day every day visualizing it as an adventure, embrace the ups and downs of each day, and know that whatever happens- it is a lesson to be learned. It is a lesson that will contribute to our life-long education.


“What I really really would love to change… is the unsustainable lifestyle of everybody else. We just greedy. And I always think of Ghandi’s saying ‘This planet can provide for human need, but not for human greed.’

I ask that you simply ponder on that. Think about the belongings that we own, we want, and compare that to what we need. We live in a finite planet, and with the amount of resources we are using- compounded with the high population of people- we will see more suffering in the future due to limited resources. I’m not sure if I’ll be alive when that day comes, but it’s frightening. But till then, I will continue learning in my every day adventures- and learning to slow down human greed.

What are some of your inspirational thoughts to get you pumped up? How do you encourage yourself or your family on a daily basis? Here is always looking for encouraging thoughts and inspirational content!

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