The sun will always shine through the cracks


About to head to the airport, but wanted to write a quick update!

A month of living in San Francisco came and went within the blink of an eye. I definitely am sad I did not get to explore the city, or the surrounding nature as much as I would’ve liked to- but at the same time- I gained incredibly valuable experience working at the hostel. The stories my colleagues and I can put together will leave you laughing in tears.

It’s a bittersweet day packing to leave not only SF, but the US for a month. I’ll be heading to Costa Rica for a program on Sustainable Tourism for three weeks, then visiting family for a little bit before heading back to LA for my final year of my program. Trying to pack with less than 3 hours of sleep proved to be quite difficult and draining, but it got done. I’ve definitely had my fair share of emotional rollercoasters the last two months, but at the end of the day, there is always brightness in the dark times.

As I learn to adapt to Costa Rica for a few weeks, explore the vast amount the country has to offer me, and simultaneously working on my thesis and school – I just have to remember that in every situation, there are tears of sorrow and tears of joy together.

You just have to look up, and if you don’t see it right away…. just keep your chin up, and watch as the brightness seep through the little cracks of darkness.

Photo taken at – Muir Woods National Monument

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