The Lost Boys on the train to Rock Hill, SC


Since I’ve moved to Southern California, I’ve re-started my quidditch career and joined the Lost Boys Quidditch Club. Having played for Emerson College for four years, once I graduated in 2013 – I was ready to take a break. I was also really tired of playing in the cold, if there is something you should know about me- it’s that I really dislike winter for the most part. I have quite a low tolerance for the cold. Ask me how I lived in Boston for all those years? I’m not sure. But I am glad I’m not in Boston this winter… it’s been getting slammed!

Back to Quidditch, about two years ago – I made a bet with a friend that if I moved out to LA, I would join the team. Next thing you know, I had a Lost Boys jersey with my name and number on the back. I joined not because of the bet, but because it gave me a community, a family that I get to run around with every Sunday afternoon. Many of the players on the team use to be my teammates back in Boston, and others I had played against in various tournaments in the past.

The Quidditch community within the United States is incredibly large in numbers, but small because we get around. Players meet each other in various tournaments around the country, and from the common passion for the game- friendships and sometimes, relationships arise.


This past weekend, we attended the Western Regionals in Roseville, California – near Sacramento. There were about 22 teams, and after two competitive days of Quidditch- 11 teams qualify to go to the official US Quidditch World Cup in April in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We played hard, we played strong, and we made sure we got a spot in the 11 teams – in addition, came home with 2nd place of the whole tournament.

So, needless to say, we will be heading to Rock Hill April 11- 12 to compete against 80 teams with approximately 1,600 players. Win or Lose, being a member of this team has been one of the best parts about moving to Southern California. We work hard, play hard, party hard, and look out for each other on and off the pitch.

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