A new platform for Story Telling


Grad school has been kicking my ass this quarter with work, research, and a lot of group assignments- so I apologize for my lack of communication and posts! I did, however, wanted to let you guys know about a new platform for incredible story telling that I discovered: Storehouse 

It’s a great, easy way to organize and incorporate photos and videos into your storytelling. My first post, Hong Kong is OKLAH, is a quite overview of my adventures traveling through Hong Kong this past holiday season. I went on a stunning hike (Lions Rock), as you can see from the photo above, toured and ate my way through Macau, sat on a tram for hours, and really just snapped photos all day long.

Check it out! And let me know what you think. I definitely plan to use Storehouse for my future adventures that are worth sharing about- which hopefully is all of them!

Published by Joanne Lam

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2 thoughts on “A new platform for Story Telling

  1. Loved your photos and thanks for sharing Storehouse. We might check it out for our own blog. -Cheri

    PS. A few posts back you had something about the Cabbage & Condom place? Just wanted to say, what a great find. I want to use that in a story one day!

    1. Thank you! Definitely check out Storehouse. It’s pretty cool- if not to post- to check out great story telling from other artists and travelers.

      Cabbage and Condoms was amazing! Great Thai food as well. It’s all so bizarre but so special. Thanks for your comment and love on my post!

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