Boyhood: a reflection on the last 12 years

Boyhood, directed and written by Richard Linklater, is a phenomenal coming of age movie that will make you ponder and reminisce on your own childhood. Filmed over the last 12 years, as an audience, you are brought into the movie and you witness not only the actors and actresses grow but also the technology.

I found myself nudging my boyfriend at almost every scene to say, “I had that!” or “Oh my gosh I remember that!” From the gameboy, to the imac, to FaceTiming on the iphone, I’ve been through all of those stages and that’s what makes this movie so relatable especially to everyone in their early 20s.

To be honest, I don’t really recall much of my childhood under 6 or 7 years old. What were my hobbies? What tv shows did I like watching? What was the first movie my parents took me to watch? I am sad to say that I don’t quite know the answers to any of those questions- I guess it’s time for me to find out.

To be honest, perhaps I didn’t even have time to watch much TV or movies. For as long as I can remember ever since I started attending an International School when I was 8, I joined gymnastics and basketball- then I never had free time again. My after schools and weekends consisted of practices and games- and I’m absolutely ok with that.

The basketball gym and the gymnastics room was the one place I felt at home. Every time I put on the respective gear for each sport, I knew it was time to put in work. It taught me what it meant to be disciplined, what it meant to be a part of a team, and acted as a outlet for the frustrations in all other parts of my life. My fondest memories of my childhood and teenage years are with my sports teams.

It was incredibly special to watch Boyhood after a day at the West Fantasy Quidditch tournament. It is the first time I’ve played quidditch competitively since World Cup in May 2013. I can’t even begin to describe how the emotions that arose from being on the field surrounded by over 200 players with the same passion for quidditch as I.

After playing 4 tough games, in which we were defeated in all of them, it was humbling to recall all the sports tournaments that I have ever attended through gymnastics, basketball, rugby and quidditch. There is a sense of tranquility as I physically lay all of my energy out on the field for the love of the game, and my fellow teammates.

I want to lay all of me out for others, whether it be physically or emotionally. I want to be there for all my friends, for strangers I cross paths with for a brief moment, and most importantly, my family because that’s what life is-

Utilizing my strengths for the joy and happiness of others.


If you haven’t seen Boyhood yet, I highly encourage you to go watch it. It is worth every penny. Once you do, come back and tell me what it made you think about. It’s an incredibly personal movie and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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