I’ve always liked Philadelphia

Last time I was in Philly was last May after my brother’s MBA graduation. I visited a few times the last two years when my brother was there- and time and time again- it never cease to surprise me. I love being able to walk around so easily (the grid style of the city makes it much easier than trying to find locations here in Boston). The weather is a little warmer- certainly less windy than Boston and it’s got some really delicious hidden gems for food.

This past weekend, my brother and I went back to Philly to attend Wharton’s Follies this year “The Book of Wharton”. Having seen it twice with Kevin in the cast, it was a little strange sitting next to me watching it this year. It was really heart warming to see all the alumni of the production come back to Philly just for this show, it really shows how close they’ve become as a family. Their support for each other is admirable, and their energy for the show and to be reunited in nothing short of extraordinary.

IMG_2190 IMG_2196
Philadelphia City Hall

The atrium in Le Meridien Philadelphia (A fantastic hotel!)

Dinner at Alyan’s restaurant (Lamb and Turkey Shawarma with hummus and salad)

After party at Pulse night club post-follies


Only appropriate to end the post with a beautiful skyline of Philadelphia taken from my friend’s rooftop. The great thing about having a house there is that pretty much no matter what part of the city you live in, you can probably see the skyline from your rooftop- as you can tell from this photo, most of the houses are all around the same height!

I’m not sure when I’ll be back next, but that certainly won’t be my last!

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