10 reasons my Chinese New Year rocked

For the first time in my time, I was able to spend Chinese New Year with my extended family in Canada this year. After 4 years of college here in Boston without a CNY holiday, what a blessing to be able to take that week off without any stress and be able to fully engage in the celebration.

To make this post short and sweet, here are 10 reasons why it was one of the most special weeks of the year so far.

1. The never-ending food and meals 

Sometimes my vacation in Toronto feels like the following, breakfast, food coma, lunch, food coma, dinner, food coma, sleep- and waking up the next day and doing it all over again. I’m most definitely not complaining, it’s pretty impressive to be honest. I surprise myself every time with how much I can eat. I really do believe my stomach expanded after just a day or two.

2. Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls 


Believe it or not, that was the hotel room view I was able to enjoy multiple times. Seeing the falls for the first time during the winter season is magical- as you can see- much of the water is still frozen. I watched a magic show, attended the Chinese New Year celebration from the hotel, saw a famous Hong Kong singer/TV star perform, and played really fun slot machines, and even worked out. There’s a lot you can accomplish in a 24 hour getaway.

3. Lion dances 


I’ve definitely watched more lion dances the past week than my whole life combined and it’s beautiful. If you let your imagination flow, these lions can become so real it’ll blow your mind. They’re uniquely adorable. Props to the dancers, it’s not an easy job- especially if you’re the back and butt of the lion- bent over the whole time.

4. Hot Tub


We’re sat in a hot tub with a beer in the backyard, surrounded by snow. Enough said.

5. Red, red, red. Red everywhere 


Red is one of my favorite colors, and there’s just SO much red every single day during this holiday. Red reminds me of love. Love, Love, Love, Love everywhere.

6. Personal photobooth – LOL Photobooth 


My funny, loving, talented, and beautiful cousins just started their own photobooth business. They will work for any occasion, templates are customizable, and they’ve got enough props to start their own halloween store too. If you live in Toronto and want to throw an awesome party, don’t forget to hit up LOL PhotoBooth.

7. My boyfriend

IMG_9867IMG_9934After being forced to eat Chinese food meal after meal, and trying all kinds of food including but not limited to chicken feet, goose feet, duck feet, and pigs’ hand- the least I can do is put him on my top 10 list of why I enjoyed my vacation in Toronto. No but seriously, he’s a trooper and I can’t be more happy to have shared the celebration with him. Plus, he looks real good in red.

8. Red pockets


Aside from the symbolization of good luck, getting red pockets, to me, is an act of love from the giver. I got a lot this year, that means I must be really loved. Either that, or they know I need a lot of luck this year.

9. People, people and people 

What’s a celebration when you don’t have people to share it with? Both my parents have six siblings, and majority of them have families. So if you can imagine, we’ve got a lot of people. If you can’t, just look at the photos again. We’re like a herd of sheep, we stick together, through sticks and stones.

10. Did I mention FOOD? 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m drooling just thinking about it. When it comes to food, pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

Year of the Horse is off to a good start, let’s keep it up eh?

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4 thoughts on “10 reasons my Chinese New Year rocked

  1. Glad you enjoyed Toronto. I lived, worked and biked there for almost 25 yrs. before moving to western Canada. Most of my large family still live there….so go back once a yr.

  2. In Scarborough, about 8 km. north of the Beaches neighbourhood near Victoria Park subway station. If you pop into my blog at the top menu, I have “Toronto” tagged under Cycling in My City choice. Will lead you to maybe more sights you’ve seen or may see later in future visits.

    My relatives are all over GTA.

    Did you live in T.O.?

    1. Ohh sweet! Nope, I live in LA right now but my relatives are pretty much all over GTA as well so I go there often. Mostly around Richmond Hill, Victoria Park and occasionally Aurura.

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