Our ability to change

New Years Resolutions, every 12 months we give ourselves goals to achieve but how often do we forget about them after the first two weeks? These resolutions for many of us include exercising regularly, going on a smoking, internet or phone hiatus to “find” ourselves. It’d be very interesting to read studies in regards to how many smokers try to quit smoking as a new year resolution and how many actually succeed. I’d like to think more succeed than fail, but part of me is doubtful.

Change is a funny thing. We, as humans, demand change from others but when we are affected personally, we get frustrated and subconsciously deny the need to change. I am most definitely guilty of it. I know I’ve talked about post graduate life the last few months over and over again- I apologize if it’s getting old- but while I’m still in the process of it- I’ll keep writing about it.

These few months as I ponder and consult others about plans for the future, I’ve been asked to change my mind set, I’ve been asked to have a plan, a career goal, I’ve been asked to face the very thing I’ve try so hard to avoid and it’s not easy. I get frustrated time and time again with whoever I’m talking to but in the end, I know they only mean well and want the best for me. I am so thankful for all my family and friends who stick with me through my anger and frustration.

I watched Her yesterday and really enjoyed it. Such a simple and relevant story line, director Spike Jonze does a phenomenal job in depicting society today. With the amount of technology we are surrounded by, we sometimes find it easier to face a computer we can control than to face those real emotions that scare us.

This particular quote stuck out to me, and reminded myself of my inability to change:

“The past is just a story we tell ourselves.” – Samantha (Her)

It’s about realizing that the past is something we should never forget, but in some ways, we should also allow ourselves to change. The way I’ve been looking at post-grad, avoiding the important questions of what’s next, is something I’ve held on to- making me frustrated when others try to teach me a different outlook of it all.

From today onwards, I’m going to let that be a story of the past, I’m going to start planning, living and facing those fears head on despite the anxiety and uncertainty it brings me. I’m going to start creating a new story, and dreaming of a story of the future I can tell others.

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4 thoughts on “Our ability to change

  1. Have courage and sometimes plans n goals need not be super big enormous.. It can be little baby milestones and set a time to re-evaluate … Sometimes plans change .. Goals change as we grow n get through more things in life. 🙂 Don’t fear it coz it is not cast in stone. 😉

  2. Let it become a story of the past, I can’t wait for your new story to happen! You got this. Do not fret from the frustration but soak in a well thought decision. Masses of fun and happiness for the new year 🙂

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