A Canadian pre-christmas

2014 is coming up real soon. I’m thankful to be spending my last few weeks of 2013 in the best places, with the best people. Unfortunately, I am not in Hong Kong with my family partying the night away but I have been in Toronto the last few days spending time with my extended family. It’s great to be helping up with the shoveling, being there for my cousin’s children and seeing my grandparents.

I continue to be blown away by the love that is shown from each and every single person in my extended family, especially because I never grew up with these relatives but when we’re together, it’s like we spend all our time together. Everyone is so talented, including my cousins children who can be too smart for their own good- but I know they’re going to do great things in their lives. All I hope is to make a good impression on them, to lead them to go through life with a good heart for people, and remember the simple things in life.

IMG_9493 IMG_9494 IMG_9432 IMG_9433

One more full day in Toronto and I’m off to spend Christmas day- and the few days after- with my boyfriend and his family. I’ve never been a huge fan of New York City so I hope to see the city in a very different light this time around. It’s like I’m going from one family gathering to another- and I can’t be more thankful for that. More updates and photos from New York later.

Merry Christmas to all my dedicated readers and hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!


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