Reunited in the Big Apple- NYC

This weekend I got the chance to go to NYC and reunite with my fellow classmates and friends I grew up with in Hong Kong. It was my five-year high school reunion. It was incredible not only to visit New York city again and eat all the delicious food it has to offer, but to see friends I haven’t spoken to since graduation. After high school, we all went our separate ways, made new friends, and grew through our four years of college experience.

My fellow Class representative and I had been talking about this reunion every since we graduated, and it makes me so happy to see it come alive. To see classmates travel from different parts of the United States for this event.


There’s something special about reunions, even though I may not have been best friends with each and every single person that was there, we had a connection that my new friends the last few years doesn’t know about. The Hong Kong connection, no matter how much time you spent there- lingers in your soul for years to come. There were a few people there who left the school after 5th grade or middle school- I was quite surprised to be honest, but a really good type of surprise!

HK flag

There are lots of friends I would’ve liked to see when I was in New York, but this past weekend was dedicated to my Hong Kong friends. We gossiped, reminisced, and reflected on how specifically our time at HKIS impacted us and established our world views, values, and opinions. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our 5 year high school anniversary.


If you missed the reunion in NYC, don’t worry! There’s another one coming up in Hong Kong this December. Make sure to follow our facebook posts for more information. We hope to see many of you there!

So here’s to another five years, more changes, more growth, and more stories to share. Let’s reunite in 2018 and see how far we’ve come!

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2 thoughts on “Reunited in the Big Apple- NYC

  1. I marked some of your ideas, my class is making a reunion in January 2014 and I’m part of the organization. Sadly, we are a bit strangled, because we had to reserve a big hotel room for seminars and we’ll just move the chairs and tables. I thought that it’s going to fail, but I hope that we can at least make the wall decorations for cheap. Thanks!

    1. Good luck in January Sophie!! That sounds great, there’s always a way for cheap decorations. I love simplicity, and in the end- reunions are about gathering people together after all these years. That’s the most important part, so don’t worry too much about the little things! 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing about it!

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