The Rush


We are always in a rush, rushing to get somewhere, rushing to get something done, it somehow gives us the adrenaline to keep us doing what we do. I watched Rush yesterday, with Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. It’s based on a true story of the love, hatred, and competition of two car racers.


Entertainment aside, it got me thinking about a few things. James Hunt, early on in the movie said, “The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel. It’s a wonderful way to live. It’s the only way to drive.” I think we would all agree the feeling of feeling alive is unbeatable. The moment you accomplished a thousand page long thesis, make a thousand dollar business from a big client, or run a full marathon, it makes you feel like nothing can ever take you down.

I’m not saying we should live every day car racing and trying to get as close to death as possible, but perhaps we should be doing things and making decisions that scare us, that reminds me of that feeling of rush. Surround ourselves with people who will push us to make those decisions. Of course, there are still dumb decisions that you should not be peer pressured into but really think twice and dig deep into your soul to tackle that fear inside you.

Fight fear, work hard and play hard.

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