Rainy day escapade

The one thing about travel is you can never predict the weather. Sometimes we plan a trip to the beach in hopes of tanning and drinking margaritas all day, then all of a sudden all we can do is sit inside watching the rain day dreaming about the sun. Rain just ruins everything eh?

Today was my day off work this week and I had plans to bring my parents to experience something aside from your typical downtown Boston experience of shopping, food and history. Thanks to Boston Tweet, I found out about Free Fun Fridays organized by the Highland Street Foundation. The activities offered that caught my attention were the free ferry rides to Georges or Spectacle Island.


I woke up this morning excited for the beautiful journey to Georges Island only to look out the window to a gloomy and rainy sky. (To be fair, I did look at the forecast but secretly hoped the weather channel was going to be wrong, which is the case a lot of the time.) I wasn’t too keen on walking around an island in the rain but in the end, we went anyway and I’m so glad we did!

I’ve been in Boston for almost four years now and I can admit that I was spoiled in the small Emerson college community. Located downtown, I never had to go anywhere far and I was never proactive enough to explore different areas of the city. Part of the reason why I wanted to stay in Boston after graduation is to do exactly that, explore and experience this wonderful city in ways I’ve never done before.


The 30 minute ferry ride to Georges Island was very peaceful. “Everyone’s happier today because they got to take this ferry ride for free!” my dad commented as we sat in admiration with our surroundings. The rain and gloominess brings a special atmosphere to our lives. Metaphorically, a rainy day is compared to an unhappy melancholy mood and a sunny day is filled with joy and excitement.

But this rainy day came at me in a timely manner. The weather the past few days have been gorgeous filled with blue skies but I constantly felt drained in between work and spending time with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been incredible being with mom and dad, but tiring nonetheless. By the time I got home the last few days, I could do nothing but to simply lay in bed and thank God for my bed. Today, on the other hand, despite the inconvenient weather, I have been able to relax and adventure to a part of Boston for the first time.

Georges Island isn’t the best place to go in the rain with only a few shelters in the island but getting out of the house was worth it just for the lovely hour-long ferry ride (round trip). Although I’ll have to pay for the ferry ride next time, I’ll be sure to make my way back on a sunny day for a getaway!


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