Ponder your luck

A few weeks ago I was at Newbury Comics and came across a book that caught my attention. Book title, “How to be Interesting”. I quickly flipped through a few pages and one page really stood out to me. Ponder your luck, the page read.

What does that mean? Ponder means to think. To think about your luck. Sometimes it’s not easy to think about that. Some of us may not feel lucky right at this very moment, or may not think we have lived a lucky life. but the diagram on the next page, as you can seen below, helped me put things into perspective.


I’ve always been aware and thankful of the life I have been able to live but what I don’t normally think about is the little details that got me to where I am.

This weekend I was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for one of my friends wedding. It was the most beautiful wedding, not only because of the beautiful bride but also because of the memories that were brought back with seeing her as well as my other friends who also attended the wedding. The bride and I met each other in Cambodia, we worked together, lived together and simply lived life together for a year in one of the most poorest countries in the world.

We spent the weekend recollecting stories and pondering how we got from there to here in what felt like the blink of an eye. Stories that sometimes make me wonder how I’m still alive. Praise God. If you had asked any of us where and when we were planning on reuniting, we would’ve never said at someone’s wedding and that is why this weekend was so beautiful to me. Since Cambodia, our lives have changed, we live in different countries, but when we’re together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. It’s hard to imagine life without knowing any of these wonderful friends, or what my life would be now if I didn’t take my gap year in Cambodia.

Recollecting on past memories  allow us to think back about those little yet important details that changed the course of our lives. Life is very unpredictable. Sometimes it’s that one party one night and sometimes it’s a series of events that impacted your life in a way that you’d never imagine but too often, we are too busy trying to “make it”, or too caught up in the mundane routines of our lives that we forget all those chances and coincidences that lead us to where we are.

You may think that you have a very uninteresting life, but try taking a few minutes and think about everything that may have had an influence to what your life is now and trust me, you will find your life to be more interesting than you thought!

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