Being an observant

Life is really intriguing and thought provoking when you look at things from an observant point of view. I’ve been at the cottage for a week with my extended family, 3 families in total. One with two daughters and another with three boys.

Many of the problems and tensions that arose is due to the conflict between the kids. Everyone has different parenting styles and sometimes you can’t help but want to inflict your own styles into children other than your own.

Tension is uncomfortable, not only for those involved but also the third party around. My dad always says, if you are angry at someone, try stepping into their shoes then rethink your angry. I fall guilty of trying to discipline these children. Some of them really drives me nuts at times, as all children do. But I try my best to remind myself to not overstep the line between disciplining as an aunt and disciplining as a parent.

Through the week, I’ve noticed all the little pins and needles that poke at each and other person in the house. We are all family but still, everyday I learn something new about everyone. I hate the see the grumpy faces, I hate to see people mumbling but only then do we grow and learn more about one another.

I guess it’s only right for it to be the last day today. I could tell many people are at their last straw, any little thing could crack them at any time, unfortunately. I can only hope we all grew and learned this week, everyone from children to adults.

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