Cottage living

Growing up in the city, I’ve never spent a vacation at a cottage so I was a little skeptical when I was told I’d be going for a week this summer. To my surprise, I have not been bored, I have not been frustrated with my family, and I have not felt the need to be online constantly. 

It is really amazing considering I am normally online 24/7. Sure, there is still wifi and we still check our chats, instagrams, twitters and facebook once in a while but being in a cottage with 15 of my family members for a week really forces us to spend time together, get to know each other and dig out all those little things that frustrate one another. 

It’s been really interesting to sit around the cottage, around the lake and the bonfire to observe each and every person to see how they react to different situations. Some of them are afraid of mosquitos, some are afraid of the sun, and some simply hates how there is nothing to do. I guess cottage living is not for everyone but in the end I think its good for everyone to experience it at least once. Especially when it’s with family. 

It’s the best way to see yourself when you’re stuck in a house trying to figure out how to keep entertained, or perhaps, push yourself and realize you actually enjoy some down time here and there. Stop worrying about work, school, and all those unimportant problems and focus on doing things for yourself, spending time with family and soak in God’s creation of nature. 

How do you like cottage life? What do you do when you’re at a cottage? 

Published by Joanne Lam

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