10 things I notice playing basketball at the park

I went out to the park this evening with my dad to do some sprints at the basketball court only to find myself playing a game of full court 4vs4 with these guys playing on the other court.

It’s always entertaining to play against guys that I don’t know. I realized some of the thoughts going through my head at the time were things I think about every time I play so I decided its worth a post.

10. I introduced my name out loud to all of them and only 2 had the politeness to introduce themselves to me, and shake my hand. How disappointing.

9. “I’d play harder if I had a team I liked playing with” said a guy on my team. How rude!

8. The guy who played defense on me/whom I guarded never actually played that hard. I thank you for making it easy but me but just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean you gotta look bored!

7. I set a brilliant pick, guy who I set the pick on ran straight into my chest, turned to me and continuously apologized. Awww that’s sweet but wait, didn’t I set the pick on you? I should say sorry for blocking your defense on my teammate.

6. They weren’t very friendly, no small talk at all. But maybe it’s just me who thinks its necessary.

5. They automatically had me play small forward and all the shots I made were right under the basket. There should be something wrong with that considering I’m the smallest on the court.

4. I shouldn’t be getting those easy layups under the basket, com’on lets play some defense!

3. I need to try and play every day to get my shot back on par. I’m pretty out of shape.

2. I miss getting trained by Coach Price. Yup I said it.

1. Despite how negative those thoughts seemed, I had fun and can’t complain about being able to play pick up again!

I have yet to write about my time in Philly and New Jersey the past two weeks. Ill get on that as soon as I get Internet on my computer again!

For now, ta ta and smile!

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