Most of my friends are off to LA

Now that senior week and graduation is over, I have finally recovered enough to write a little something and begin my summer weekly blogging. Senior week was a blast, and I finally built a connection with Sweetwater I never really had throughout the years. My parents were in town and thus, I didn’t get the chance to spend as much time with my fellow classmates as I wanted but I definitely made up for it at night. 

Senior week is special, not because we have no more obligations for classes, not because we are celebrating our four years of college but because we all feel that joy and excitement no one else knows about. Sure, everyone congratulates you and perhaps even buys you a drink, but the feeling of finally being done, ready to move on to the next stage of life, is something only felt at that certain time. It is also special because we all get to drink, party at the same place, mostly Sweetwater. There is a certain magical bond that forms whether you were friends, acquaintances or enemies the last few years. 

Although I was glistening in the drinking and fun of the week, there was that sad feeling at the back of my mind that never left. As soon as the week was over, we would all go our separate ways and say goodbye. Further yet, most of them are going to be in LA. I guess that’s what happens when all my friends are Film, Visual Media Arts students. Don’t get me wrong, when I say bye; I don’t mean goodbyes, only “see you soon”. I trust that I will see each and everyone of them in the future, and we’ll smile, laugh and reminisce on our college days. 

Sometimes I even wonder whether I want to live in LA to be with all my friends. If you know me well enough, you know that I meet new friends at the blink of an eye but this time is different, many of my closest friends whom I know would throw parties after parties for me if they knew I was coming. Again, if you knew me, you also know I’m not a fan of LA. Growing up in a city with public transportation, having to drive and sit in traffic everywhere I go is not my ideal place to live but it has almost become a challenge. 

I’ve always lived in cities I adored, I’ve always made sure I was comfortable wherever I lived so living in LA even for a month or two will be a true test of my nomad adaptation skills.

After all, life is more interesting when you seek to challenge yourself. 

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