Starting Now

As I was reading article after article on Thought Catalog, I remembered my goal to start blogging on a more regular basis as soon as school was finished so here I am, re-starting my blogging life. 

I’m not entirely sure what I am going to be writing about yet, it’s going to take research, take time to write something worth reading for others but I do hope this will help me keep and/or improve further my writing skills. 

Exactly a week until my Graduation Commencement Day. Never take time for granted, it creeps into your life a lot quicker than you think. It’s hard to believe I have been in college for the last four years, but here I am, done with school, done with classes and ready to be a real adult.

Conversation starters these days with anyone begins with “Congrats! Are you scared? Sad? Nervous?” I do get a little anxious every time I think of the future, or what I’m going to do, where God is going to lead me, and how I’m going to earn enough money to support the life style I live currently. But at this moment in time, no, I’m not scared, I’m not nervous. All I am is excited. 

I am really excited to live life with my brother, live life in Boston for another year while not being a student, to explore more of the city and surrounding States (if I get the chance), and excited for what life will bring me. I’m not scared and nervous because I know that whatever I end up doing, I’m going to like it. I’m going to make sure that my life will consist of everything and everyone I care about. 

So the next time you get scared, just remember, the future is what you make of it. So don’t worry, just put your heart in it and you’ll find joy in whatever you’re doing. Just because we’re done with school doesn’t mean we stop learning. I’m excited to keep reading and studying the things I enjoy during my down time. 

If you need to, force yourself to put a smile on your face and you will subconsciously feel happier and find a genuine smile within you. Trust me, it works. 


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