Emerson College Quidditch needs YOUR help!

Emerson College Quidditch needs YOUR help!

I can’t remember how much I’ve really talked about Quidditch on here, but I assume quite a lot. Anyhow, I joined Emerson College Quidditch second semester freshmen year and it has been my life ever since. We have traveled to Rhode Island, New York, New Hampshire, etc for tournaments and played some of the best teams in the league. It has changed my life and shaped my last four years at Emerson, my social circle, my personality, and my priorities. They are my family in Boston.

We are currently #6 (last I checked) in the rankings and only looking to climb even higher! Back in November, we got 2nd in the North East Regionals in Fort Adams, Rhode Island and secured a spot for the VI annual World Cup this year in Kissimmee, Florida.

Unfortunately, it is not like previous years where we can rent a car and just drive to New York. This year is a lot more financially taxing due to bus rides, plan e rides and accommodation in a hotel near the venue.

Thanks to a teammates father, we got a really good deal but we are still working very very hard to fundraise for this once in a life time opportunity. It is literally the highlight of my final year in college and I would hate to not be able to go.

We set up an indiegogo campaign 4 days ago with the goal of reaching 4000 dollars, and thanks to all of our donors we have reached that goal already. It’s unbelievable!


We cannot be more thankful but now, recalculating all of our other expenses including jerseys, International Quidditch Association fees, etc, we are setting a second goal to cover those costs!

Because we have 10 days left to raise money, we have set our second goal to reach 7000 dollars!

Please help us by backing our cause and also by forwarding this post to your friends and family members. You could receive really awesome customized prizes by donating!

Every little bit counts and I promise you, my team will not let you know. We will go to World Cup VI ready to compete, play with class, swag and be that team everyone wants to be friend.

Thank you SO much!

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