For the last few months, I have been interning at two companies- both I enjoyed very much and learned more than I can ask for. Unfortunately, I dropped out of one of them today… from the gym internship. 

My original plan was to stay with them and join the trainer in training program as soon as I get my certification, but as I started to think more practically on what’s good for my future, I decided to go down any route. It was a tough decision. For those who know me knew how excited I was to have stepped foot into the industry. 

My decision to drop out of the fitness internship was bittersweet. Unfortunately the last few weeks, I began to feel a little pointless spending those 7 hours there every week when I could be focusing more on networking, school and spending time with friends in my last few months at Emerson. 

I really appreciated everything I learnt at the gym, from helping out administrative wise to shadowing personal trainers and learning how to properly train either myself or someone else. I hope one day I will be able to be certified and be able to have that as a side job, but as for now, I can spend those extra hours to rest, do school work, focus more on doing well in my other internship, as well as prepare myself for post-graduation. 

I’m really excited for whats to come, despite not knowing what my concrete plans are yet, I am thankful to know that I will be staying in Boston and have my brother for support as I figure everything out. 

Someone told me one day that no matter what plans you make, how far ahead you plan, somehow the universe will surprise you and those plans might fall throw. Thus, you will have to find a way to accomplish your goals with flexibility and new plans. 

Plans change. 


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