ONE out of 16

What a brilliant opportunity for 16 lucky people around the world to travel and write. It’s a dream come true. I’ve always been interested in travel, but have never looked in depth and kept up to date with news in regards to the travel industry but I have recently followed quite a few twitter accounts that allows me to read articles after articles of interesting news.

The last few weeks I have been envisioning a new dream for my future. If you had asked me two months ago, I would’ve said I wanted to be a personal trainer and work in the fitness industry but today, I have a totally different vision, and to make that come true, I have to dive into the travel industry a lot more.

I am really looking forward to March 1st when Big Blog Exchange launches their website and competition. I do not have any expectations at all that I will be a lucky one out of 16 people but I am damn well going to try for it. In the end, things happen in our lives that you would never in a million years dream of.

I sure hope this is one of those surprises.

Published by Joanne Lam

Hong Kong//Toronto Level 2 Personal Trainer Toronto Data Analytics - The Chang School Ryerson University

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