Brilliant. I think of this more often than I probably should. Through traveling, I have noticed that it is a very western thing to say “I’m good” as soon as someone asks “how are you?” When I lived in Cambodia for a year, all the local Cambodians I met would simply respond with “fine.” If you think about that, that would be a more appropriate response then good because fine doesn’t represent neither good or bad.

Cultural norms are always interesting when it comes to human behaviors.

In Our Words

By Melanie Sue

There is a question I get asked every day, and it’s a question I have answered with a lie more times than I can even count. More times than I’ve lied about seeing Inception. And I would bet my life that you’ve lied about this question as well.

“How are you?”

Personally, I almost always answer, “Good, how are you?” It’s actually more like one word with rises and falls of inflection: “Goodhowareyou.” It literally doesn’t matter how I’m feeling or what I’m doing—it’s “good” and then I flick the conversation back to you. Even if something horrible happened that I plan on telling you about shortly, I always preface it with “good.” I could be sobbing in a pool of my own vomit on the side of the road, and if you asked me how I was, I’d probably answer, “Good, and yourself?”

I don’t know…

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