The Travel Itch

There’s something about reading travel stories and watching travel video that refreshes my mind every day as I’m sitting in here Boston finishing my final year of university. In between my classes, two internship, Quidditch practices and work, I find a little time each day to surf Matador Network and Couchsurfing to see what adventures lies ahead of me.

I definitely have been so fortunate to travel to various places around the world, but as soon as I constructed this map of where I’ve been- I realized how many more places I have yet to explore. A travel addict’s mind and personality is one that not everyone appreciates or understands. It’s not that we don’t appreciate where we are and what we do now, it’s that we want to ‘live outside of our own bodies in the lives of others’. We want to step into other cultures shoes, other lifestyles and start to explore why the world is the way it is.

We can take as many classes as we want in regards to anthropology, intercultural exchanges, communication theories, but none of those classes will teach us as much as simply stepping into the culture for a day or two. Some of us might not have the ability to travel, but that should not stop you from meeting friends from other cultures and pry as much experiences from them as you can.

visited 27 states (12%)
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If there’s one motto I will follow for the rest of my life, it will be to live outside of my own life and experience others in theirs. Every year I am getting older and getting closer to real life, which according to the world means getting a job, starting a family and settling down but according to me, it means, changing those gray spots on that map to red and if it’s God’s will, I’ll be doing that with a job I enjoy and with someone who gets it and wants to accomplish this goal along side with me.

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